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Shout Out To Moon Man!

You be trying, hard. But nigga dont, start. You be doing shit, thats gonna get you the morgue

Get that dough
Dont fuck with them hoes
Young ladies that know me
Know Moon Man say pro

Fill up at the..bar
Go get 'em a saunch
Go get me a couple
We can make it a mon noich

I go get that paper
A mega fucking..watch
I be pulling up nuts
That can buy me a yacht

Hold on baby please
Go get on your knees
If you dont do it for me
Then do it for Don Cheese

Yeah, I got extra weed
Yeah, money, long like sleeves
If a nigga try to creep..
I got extra heat

Got a bank account
With a large ammount
If a nigga wanna chalk
Nigga we can let bounce, bounce

We can take it outside
Nigga fuck falling back
Killers run up in the club
Balling with a paper stack

2 cent with me
Let me show you it goes
The merchialago
Let me show you how it rolls

I got the bank leaf that I only grow..
One time
Moon man bought it from me shorty..
But its still mine

My chevy climb..
And the paint look like lemon lime
You wanna shine..?
Its ain't hard just get on your grim

I keep a bank roll of a wallet
Full of credit cards
Cut full of quiztile
Not full of cigars

Pretty style got it on my back...
Man I'm country
She says she like the way I talk...
These bitches love me

Club went crazy
We throwin out stacks
G-Unit south, yeah
Tell the DJ bring it back

See I made out dumpin
In a nade out hat
Reppin YTMND
Like my homie hypersax

It ain't from where you from
Homeboy it's where you're at
Moon man beat me on the dice
But it's cool, I'll be back